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Smiley computer total verranzt, situation, in der ich echt hilfe brauche:
ich grase gerade mehrere foren ab, in der hoffnung, irgendwo anstændige hilfe zu bekommen, weil ich selbst nur zu radikalen mitteln zu greifen weiss, inzwischen. daher entschuldigt bitte, dass ich einfach den rumpeligen englischen text hier einfuege:

one guy i share the flat with uses a rather antique compaq presario 5176. somehow he got a virus or whatever-causes-this onto his windows xp system; starting the computer is an endless process, opening windows explorer takes between 8 and 15 minutes, nothing can really be executed! so i told him i could just install suse linux 9.1 since he is not a gamer and all the elementary things can be done in a safe manner with linux, too.

at first i loaded knoppix since i wanted to arrange the partitions after completely emptying the hard disc. with only 80mb ram (strange constellation) kde could not start, but i found qtparted and ran it. strange enough didn't qtparted find any harddisc!! so i tried to run suse installation from cd. that one couldn't find a hard disc (or just space for a swap-file?) either so i plugged in my 256-mb-usb stick to use as a swap-partition. this one - supposedly situated at /dev/sda1 - couldn't be found either. i checked all available options and found the usb-stick, too, but it didn't say how to load it properly as a swap-partition for starting installation. then i tried to start xp in dos-mode, pressing f8 while starting. it turned out it was no real dos-mode, but i tried to deltree all files when i saw that "format c:" didn't work. well, what was in c:\ did disappear so that when i start the pc now, it doesn't find any keyboard. *nice* so running the suse-disc means my only option is to wait, since "error 304 (no keyboard)" is quite severe... :D everything i can do now is starting xp and use the mouse; even though it says "new hardware found - keyboard" when running, i cannot use the keyboard (and so i don't get into the task manager either to try to improve performance).

now i used ½ hour just to get into the c:\windows-folder (i wish i was kidding, but i had a watch ticking right beside me) just to find some hundred .exe-files named with only numbers (like "107.exe", "9988776.exe"). i tried to delete some, but performance became even worse when the pc had to do more than just opening a folder. before the keyboard-desaster i saw that in the task manager a lot of programs are listed that seem to be nothing but crap; apart from the number-things a dozen times "svhost.exe" & similar...

i was close to getting a heart attack and throwing the pc out so i just stopped and wrote a note (he's out).

but how shall i proceed from this place? can someone send me autoexec.bat & config.sys so that at least the keyboard may work again? is there any chance of getting a mirror working on this computer? any operating system would be appreciated, i could build in his harddisc into my computer just to make the transfer... unguaREMOVECAPITALLETTERSmsn@gmail.com...

if i cannot get any help from the precious internet community by maybe tuesday i will take his harddisc and empty it with my pc. if that is a rather bad idea, please tell me before i do so... :rolleyes:

regards & thanks

ungua, who was only good at win98...
einen tropfen glück møchte ich haben - oder ein fass verstand - menander

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